Forestry – Finland

The Use Case is located in Finland and is focused on forestry (boreal forests).

Forest sector contributes to about 5% to the Finnish GDP

61,000 people are employed in the sector

Finnish forest sector engaged 2.4% of the total country’s workforce in 2021

⦿ Intensive, monoculture forestry causes challenges regarding biodiversity loss and ecosystem services such as water quality and carbon storage

⦿ Intensive forest management creates challenges for other forest users e.g., for recreation

⦿ Lack of foresters’ knowledge of sustainable forest management practices and impacts

⦿ Low interest and confidence in multifunctional forest management

⦿ Lack of access to training and information inside and outside of traditional forest owners’ associations

⦿ Continuous cover forestry

⦿ Introduction of new tree species to withstand climate change

⦿ Re-creation of natural forest habitats

⦿ Forest management for supporting ecosystem services

⦿ Sensors and decision support systems (i.e., satellites and IoT)

⦿ Circular economy

Expected Impacts

Better forest management for forest stand stability, sustainability, and biodiversity

Improved carbon sequestration

Multi-generation education (including future forest owners)