Livestock – Belgium

The Use Case is located in Belgium and is focused on livestock (bovines).

Cattle density in Flemish Region is higher than the EU average

1.26 million cattle on 9,600 farms

Bovine animal output (meat and milk) accounted for 26.2% of total animal outputs in 2020

⦿ Intensive livestock production posing sustainability challenges related to animal welfare, biodiversity loss, water pollution, and energy consumption

⦿ Farmers’ risk aversion

⦿ High pressure for land use

⦿ Consumer unwillingness to pay a premium for sustainable products

⦿ Lack of adequate policies

⦿ High bureaucracy of CAP payment system

⦿ Precision livestock management (sensing devices for animal tracking)

⦿ Adoption of eco-schemes for biodiversity and water protection

⦿ Circular economy for appropriate management of livestock waste

Expected Impacts

Improved animal welfare

Improved public health

Decreased energy consumption

Improved water quality in the farms

Impact on the economic performance of farms