Perennial – Italy

The Use Case is located in Italy and is focused on perennial crops (grapevines, apples, olives).

Product with the highest added value (3,890 billion)

Grapes, fruits and olives represent 22.5% of total production

⦿ Climate change impact on food production

⦿ Intense use of natural resources

⦿ Biodiversity loss due excessive use of plant protection products

⦿ Farmers’ inherent hesitance to change behavior or move away from known practices

⦿ Farmers lack of understanding of the benefits of risk management actions that stabilise farm income and sustainable production

⦿ Farmers’ lack of awareness of the EU subsidisation schemes

⦿ Reduced use of pesticides using smart spraying (i.e., VRA, DSS)

⦿ Integrated pest management (IPM)

⦿ Roll-out anti-insects nets instead of using pesticides

⦿ Practices to increase carbon sequestration

Expected Impacts

Biodiversity protection

Reduction of emissions of air pollutants

Increased carbon sequestration

Improvement of public health

Stabilisation of income and improvement of farm resilience to shocks